Quantcast SOAPY WATER LEAK TEST - TM-9-2320-365-20-2_893

TM 9-2320-365-20-2 2-1861 SOAPY WATER LEAK TEST (1)  Apply soapy water solution to CTIS fittings on       outside of wheel. (2)  Observe fittings for bubbles indicating leaks. (3)  With wheel valve still connected to tire,       disconnect wheel valve air supply line from hub       at banjo bolt. (4)  Place open end of air supply line in container of       water.  Look for air bubbles. (5)  Persistent bubbles from air line indicate faulty       wheel valve. (6)  Connect wheel valve to hub at banjo bolt.                       NOTE If air line from quick release valve to affected wheel is partially obstructed, air line to wheel cannot escape back to quick release valve immediately after tire is pressurized causing wheel valve to remain partially open and tire to lose pressure. System will cycle again when low pressure is checked after 30 seconds. (1)  Check air supply line(s) from quick  release       valve(s) to affected wheel(s) for constrictions.       See illustration for fitting and quick release       valve locations. (2)  If air supply line is not constricted, quick       release valve for affected wheel is faulty.


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